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We are all overwhelmed with email. I don’t want to add to the overwhelm, so here’s what to expect: I send out one weekly newsletter plus a very FEW additional emails. There’s usually one per month to announce a new course at Great Little Seminar. And there will be a few more when I launch a new product.

I use Constant Contact to make sure your email is safe. If you un-subscribe, I can’t add you back onto the list. You are in total control. I try hard to be compliant with the laws around email communication. You could read the whole privacy policy, but here’s the juicy good stuff: I don’t store your information on my computers. I don’t sell (loan, share, rent, etc.) your email address. Ever.

I respect my mailing list because it connects me to you. I sell products and services to the public and I don’t want to alienate them by spamming them or causing others to spam them.

– Karl W. Palachuk