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Karl is a speaker and author who has trained technology consultants and business owners all over the world. He’s the author of over twenty books, including all of the best-selling books on the topic “managed services.”

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Managed Service Books on Amazon

Managed Services on Amazon

Managed Services Operations Manual

Standard Operating Procedures for Computer Consultants and Managed Service Providers
4 books
1,300+ pages!
Plus downloadable white papers, checklists, and more
Learn More:
New Low price

Project Management in Small Business

How to Deliver Successful, Profitable Projects on Time with Your Small Business Clients
Filled with forms and strategies to make you successful!
Learn More:

Manage Services in a Month

Transform your break/fix business to a profitable Managed Service practice in 30 days or less. (Really)
Learn More:
3rd Edition

Service Agreements for SMB Consultants - Revised Ed. Newly Revised 2018 !

Every consultant needs service agreements! Protect yourself and your clients - from each other and from the IRS!
Learn More: Service Agreements for SMB Consultants

Relax Focus Succeed

Balance Your Personal and Professional Lives and Be More Successful in Both
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